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is a trendy, empowering and inspirational t-shirt brand for every Black self-driven woman wanting to make their mark in the world.

This line consist of creative line art, minimalist portraits and engraved motivational words and messaging which positively showcases the beauty, attributes and true essence of the Black Woman.

Not only was this line established to broaden the representation of Black women in the t-shirt industry, it is also created to uplift and encourage Women of colour to love every part of their being. From the texture of hair, unique shape, the hue of the skin to the collective attributes that make up who we are.

“Black beauty radiates light, love and life from within that shines bright and beyond !”

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is more than skin deep, it runs through my veins. My father passed onto me the natural gift of artistry as he was an artist in his own right. His innovative talents inspired and conceived my love for the arts.

Growing Up

I always had a passion for fashion and style. My sense of style made dressing myself day-to-day and on special occasions fun and effortless. I became known to my friends and family as the “Accessory Queen” because of my array of accessories and my keen eye for styling.

During a Successful,

ten years working in the advertising industry, I decided to get my Image Consulting certification and embrace my dreams as an entrepreneur by starting my own Image Consultant company StyleBySas.

Through Years

of styling myself and others I noticed there was a gap in the t-shirt market for Black Woman imagery. I struggled to find apparels in big retail stores with creative visuals of women who looked like me - A Black Woman!

This lack of representation and diversity inspired me to create SasAmelliani-Stylish. Ambitious. Sisters

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I'm Stephanie

Hey Sis,

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