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Why Buy From Us


By supporting this brand you are in turn supporting the movement and empowerment of the Black Woman. Women of colour face the most bias and stereotypes in society. It’s time to breakdown these negative barriers and showcase to the world the positive nature and beauty of the Black Woman. By wearing SasAmelliani t-shirts you are expressing to the world self love, while acknowledging who you are and what you aspire to be.

“Let’s come together in solidarity as allies and sisters to celebrate each other in style!”

Created & inspired from a stylist prospective

Current fashion, hair and seasonal colour trends are taken into account when designing t-shirts to ensure optimal styling

All t-shirts are original trademark designs made from 100% cotton.

Recommended Look

To wear under a bright tailored blazer, fitted jeans or tights and some bad ass pumps!

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Creating apparel to uplift and embrace Black women through empowering messaging and artistic imagery.

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